By Zaara Brar, Class 9, Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh

My hands glazed with anticipation 
Just as everything slips past them 
My heart intoxicated by the desire to find my charm 
My sight hazy by being spun around in the whirl of life 
The darkness comes from every way 
And shrinks my spirits
Changing my form as my skin turns brittle 
The tension was meant to make me a rock
Instead continued the inflow of emotions
Peeling each layer and revealing what's there 
The bliss of solitude squirming towards me 
Until it strangles me 
What if the beam ruptures my heart along with their aspirations will sink
Those illuminated eyes were aiming to high 
And instead were rolled down, an imprint of disappointment. 
They were stomped at by all the lies and all my precious pearls were released never to be found.


Zaara Brar Strawberry Fields High School