A Little Boy and a Kind Tree

Just For Fun

By Galanki Anushka, Class 6, APSWRS/JR College, Kondepi , Prakasam

This is story about a kind tree and a little boy played in the shade of the tree every day the tree loved him very much one the boy sat at the foot of the tree threw were tear in his eyes. Why are you crying asked the tree because I am hungry said the little boy. Eat my fruit said the kind tree and bent down one of its branches the boy eat the fruit and was happy. The boy grew up. One day he said under the tree. He was sad. why are you sad? asked the tree. I am going to marry said the young boy. But I have no house to live lion in cut down ,my branches said the tree. And built a house. The young boy build a house with the branches of the tree. The young man became a sailor.

One day he sat under the tree. He looked unhappy why are you up happy? Asked the tree. Because my captain is bad man and cruel to me. Side the sailor I want to my one ship.cut down my heart and build a ship. Said the tree. The sailer built a ship on his own. The tree was gone. Only the stump was there. In ten years the sailor lost his ship. He came home he was a helpless old man! One cold winter day the old man stood near the stump oh the old tree. He leaned on his.stik and trembled with cold. Make a heart out oh me said the stump oh the tree, and warm yourself. The stump oh the kind tree burned in the fire


Galanki Anushka APSWRS/JR College, Kondepi