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The Ouija Board


By Sparsh Dak, Class 10, Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai

The turn of events was not how I expected it to be. I wanted to enjoy a relaxing weekend with my closest companions, Mark and Jake, sipping on mojitos with little paper parasols, as we sat on the patio. What I wasn’t expecting, was Mark bringing a Ouija board. I trudged towards the deserted, isolated cabin which was nestled amid wilderness. Wispy rumours floated that the cabin had once been a guillotine chamber, where thousands of people had been mercilessly slaughtered. Phantoms, spectres, wraiths and ghouls. Mere figments of our imagination. I scoffed at the idea, but every bone in my body tensed. Nerves buzzed like an electric eel pulse beneath my tingling skin. We marched towards the primordial forest, where Oxblood-red toadstools littered the ground. A labyrinth of phantasm-grey mist hung over the forest.

Ambling down the desolate path, we located the dingy chalet. The zealous smirks on Mark and Jake’s faces were matched by the eager twinkles in their eyes, as we rearranged the room for the Ouija ceremony. Shivers scuttled down my spine once we finished setting up the room. The sinister shadow of the golden flame flickered frantically. The wind howled outside the sealed, yet creaking windows of the cabin. The mahogany walls of the petite antechamber complemented the shade of the crimson Ouija board, whose menacing presence was felt by all. Our midnight madness began at the witching hour. We arranged ourselves, circling the board, grim looks settling on our sombre faces. Mark opened a tattered book and commenced chanting some complicated mantras.

Time trickled, but there was no movement. I let out a sigh of relief, which received deathly stares from them. Just as I was about to open my mouth to offer an "I told you so,” the disc on the board inched precariously. Then it moved again. First left, then right, and then, it darted all around the board. The disc was amok, sprinting like a headless chicken around the board. To my utmost horror, it started rising. Higher and higher, towards the ceiling. My breath hitched, and my instincts yearned for me to escape. I recoiled in while terror as fear’s icy hands clutched my heart once again. The looming feeling of impending doom clouded my eyes and I clenched my eyes shut, waiting for it to strike…The next instant, the disc slammed onto the board, having fallen from the ceiling. However, it shattered into two halves and revealed a microchip! Upon closer inspection, I realised that there were sensors present on the side, that handled the movement of the disc. It was all a sham! I knew it. My insides squirmed in delight as I turned to face my friends. The triumphant look on my face was enough to crush their hopes of witnessing a paranormal phenomenon. We had wasted an entire evening on that nonsense. There’s no such thing as ghosts.


Sparsh Dak Aditya Birla World Academy