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A Day at the Beach


By Ayush Santosh, Class 1, Chitrakoota School, RPC, Bangalore

Once upon a time there was a boy named Rama and a girl named Sita. They were sitting at home watching TV . After sometime they got bored, so they decided to go to the beach. They wore their beachwear, packed some sand toys and beach ball and went to the beach. At the beach, they started building a big sand castle. When they finished building it, they were very happy. Rama said, " Look Sita, I have built this castle for you. You can stay in it and you will be safe from Ravana. Nobody can enter this castle. I will lock it from outside". Sita said thank you to Rama .. They were admiring the castle when a big wave came and washed the castle away. Sita started crying. "Our castle is ruined. What do we do now?". Rama said, " don't worry Sita, we still have the beach ball. Let's go play" . So Rama and Sita played ball and had lots of fun. And then they lived happily ever after ! 


Ayush Santosh Chitrakoota School, RPC