Positive Impact of Being at Home

Letters to Editor

By Geet Sukhlani, Class 6, Smt. SulochanaDevi Singhania School, Thane

Due to the global pandemic corona virus, most of the countries have declared a lockdown. Every thing has come to a stand-still. It’s very boring and restless to sit at home. However, as every coin has two sides; this also have positive impacts on one’s life. As factories and malls have shut down, this has reduced air pollution in my city. Parents are spending more time with their children. The children are exploring new talents. After a long period of time Full family is together in a true sense. The boardgames which we have dumped long back are coming to life. We have understood theimportance of food, farmers and other basic necessities of life. The key thing is to have flexible and open mindset. Many of us have started exploring their inner divine through meditation and reading books. Earlier,we were following the needle of the clock. But now we have an option to maintain ourdaily routine. This has resulted in less stress and more satisfaction. I am learning thatin the time of fear and crises, one can fight better with positive thoughts. I wouldnever have realised this unless pushed to the wall. We look at the positive side of the coin, which has made me realize the impact oflearning and exploring. Hence I am feeling blessed to be at home and love all the affection and adoration that I am getting from my entire family.


Geet Sukhlani Smt. SulochanaDevi Singhania School