Message from Mother Earth

Letters to Editor

By Aadhar, Class 5 B, AVM, Bandra, Mumbai

Imagine You Are Planet Earth. What would you say to Humans. " Who are you?”, said a tiny voice from on top of me. "I am your home the planet Earth”, said I, for I was starting my message to Humankind. The humans looked scared all over the globe. "I have given you place to walk, talk and live for billions of years, and what do you give me? Pollution through aeroplanes & factories, Plastic, Oil spills and lots of other garbage you throw into my oceans. You go to the jungles and kill my wild animals’ unprotected children. The humans were afraid that I wouldn’t house them anymore. But they were wrong, as I was being merciful. "I am giving you only Coronavirus as your warning. I am showing mercy to you as I can punish you in any form since I am your only shelter.But dare you even try to spoil my forests and dump stuff into my oceans or I will not be sympathetic.”, said I, for I was furious right then "But, Mother Earth said the children, we, stuck at our houses, will not have any polluting activity for at least about ten months. Why are you putting the blame on us, for we barely use cars, but use bicycles all the time”, said they, as they did not know that this message was to all of Humankind across the globe. I am not scolding only you, but the rest of the world, too”, said I. Then , out of the blue, the humans went to their windows/balconies & in one voice took a pledge to try not to choke me with garbage again. It went like this: ”

O ocean-draped, o adorned with mountain breasts | O consort of Vishnu, forgive me for stepping on you When we say we will try to keep you safe in return shelter and safety we also crave”, They were now together now that there were no temples, mosques, and churches dividing them. "Then”, said I, trying to keep myself from weeping,” you shall keep your word, you understand, human.” "Yes, Mother Earth”, said he, who did not know where to and how to look at me. I said, ”Just look at the garden to see me.” He did, and he had a delightful and warm look on his face, little resentful, too, true, but mostly understanding. "Please promise that you will help us recreate you to make you as you were before to make it suitable for us to live again” said some, but others remained quiet. ”What is your point of view on the environmental issue between us?”, asked I."We agree with our friends”, said they.”You all have made a very good decision according to me”. ”Yes, we have”, they agreed heartily.”Okay, humans.

You must keep your word, otherwise there will be consequences for not only you, but for all others Earth” I said. ”Yeah, okay”, said the speaker, Ronald carelessly and in a tiresome manner.” Don’t you dare be rude, alright”, I said , in a very severe and firm tone, because he was rolling his eyes.” You are not to be rude to me. All of humankind might suffer because of your unkind actions. But you must definitely suffer”. " Here’s my last word: Use all your tech to undo all the damage you all have done to my air and water. Reduce consumption of fossil fuels, useless factories and make lesser buildings and towers at once.


Aadhar AVM, Bandra