A Girl


By Vidya Yadav, Class 8, Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon, Mumbai

What could be the world without a girl, She is a pearl.
A girl is a lady, She understands everybody like her buddy. 
A girl's dream Melts like a cream, 
And at last it flows, in the muddy stream. 
Her day gets busy, in the basin. 
And on sweet dessert, She garnishes raisins. 
She never forgets her beauty, But completes all her duties. 
She is a mother and a sister, And most beautiful she is a daughter. 
Never let her bother, Treat her like your daughter. 
Make her feel that, You are more than her father. 


Vidya Yadav Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon