The Pregnant Elephant Says!!!


By Vidya Yadav, Class 9, Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon East, Mumbai

Sorry I trusted a human, 
The one who fed me was a man. 
Sorry my child, it was my mistake, 
The human's face was wearing a mask that was fake. 
It was a cracker and not a pineapple. 
He wasn't a human but worst than an animal. 
I tried not to create chaos after the incident. 
This was a murder and not an accident. 
Because of your mother, you weren't able to see the nature, 
But You and I won't regret after all this act of that greedy creature. 
Thank god you didn't had to live here in the future.
These humans are neither gracious nor well nurtured. 
This humans have owned Mother Earth.
Then why would they let me give you birth? 
They just know to make us dance in the circus, 
Therefore, they also turn a tiger into a dancer which used to be ferocious. 
They take our forest, to make their bed to rest. 
If we come in their town or village, 
They will kill us at an younger age. 
Good humans will try to give us justice, 
Bad will not let us die in peace. 
I don't know why this happened with me. 
They don't like to leave anyone free.
Humans want animals to work on their orders, 
They want us to earn money for them in the circus. 
Dear humans, why are you so greedy? 
In this world, you are the most derogatory. 
We are your Planet Partner. 
We struggle and suffer more than you suffer. 
What is the thing that kills your humanity? 
You take our jungle and make it into a city. 
Hope neither friend nor foe of mine, 
Trust you the next time.


Vidya Yadav Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon East