Anny and Bunny 🐰🐰


By Needhish Yadav, Class 4, Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon East, Mumbai

One day we decided to have rabbit as our pet. Then my Uncle got them by having her colleague convinced to give him two rabbits as she was having. We kept there name ; first one's name was Anny🐰 and the second one's was Bunny 🐰. They were one month old when we got them. They were very cute . They got very scared if someone spoke loudly. On the first day they were roaming in the whole house fearly. When we gave them food to eat; If Anny's food is over/finished she started eating Bunny's food. Then we started keeping them in the balcony because they poop and peep everywhere. One midnight, they were in the cage they opened the cage's door and started roaming in the whole house. LITTER BOX TRAINING At first they used to poop and peep outside and not in the cage. Then the second one Bunny was aware of the litter box training, therefore he used to poop and peep inside the cage. And the first one Anny used to poop and peep on the cage. Then they both were aware of litter box training after few weeks. ANNY AND BUNNY'S FOOD They eat coriander, radish, chapati, carrot, spinach, fenugreek, cabbage, etc Potatoes are poisonous for them. If we give them cabbage everyday they will not eat it. If we repeatedly give them same food everyday they will not eat it. They were very alert and oriented about their daily food.

CLOTHES FOR ANNY AND BUNNY We decided to have clothes for Anny and Bunny. We decided to have clothes for them as t-shirts. We were very excited for there t-shirts. GRANNY'S DECLINATION FOR ANNY AND BUNNY On the first day my Granny was doing tension for them and therefore she declined their living in our house. For, if all family members go out and when she will go to village, who will take care of them? But now slowly slowly she doesn't take tension of them an loves them. ROAMING When they hear doorbell sound they run under the bed. My aunt used to be scared of them. That's why she used to close the bedroom's door. They go to kitchen and go through all the container and come back. They roam in the rooms. If anyone walked with high speed then they will run as fast as they could because of fear. THE INCIDENT One day my Granny had finished making food. They were in the hall-room and not in the balcony. So my Granny forgot to give them chapati to eat because we have a habbit to serve god before eating. So they were hungry. So they bite my Granny. It was paining very badly.

IN LOCKDOWN We all know that lockdown begin from 22nd March. My uncle was thinking that how they will get food to eat. Then my uncle used to get up at 4 or 5 a.m in the morning and go to Kandivali Station as stalls were displayed there and bring food for them. My grandmother get up at 4 a.m to pray she give food to them before praying. And after 2 hours also she give them food .Then in May they were going to village so they took them also in village. So they also get enough to eat. As I told you that we will have clothes for them but we didn't make because of lockdown. But I didn't go to village I was in Mumbai only. Then one day my cousin brother video called me and he showed all the crops in the village and he also showed Anny and Bunny. WE LOST OUR ANNY So one night they were locked in the cage they came out and my grandmother gave them tomato to eat. They ate it and ran in another room. My grandmother tried to wake my uncle up to see them and bring them back but he didn't awake then she only went to see what were they doing. Then she saw that a local street cat🐈 has caught Anny. She shouted then my grandfather woke up and tried to rescue her (Anny) then he caught the cat and shouted her. But Anny wad caught by her neck and got hurt in her neck. So my grandfather call a veterinarian. When my grandmother took her she was taking breathe. But when the doctor came she was dead. Then my grandmother and Uncle cried very much. Then my Uncle took her on his lap. And this all thing happened at 3 a.m.

At 6 in the morning, my mother was talking to my aunt then my aunt told that this all thing happened at night. Then I hear my mother's voice and I woke up then my mother told this all thing happened. Then it was 6:15 a.m. Then my mother and I cried till 6:30 a.m Then I went in the bedroom and told my sister what happened. Then Bunny has become alone and he also doesn't ate food. Then we all call my grandparents and ask he is eating food or not. Because they have come together to my grandparent's house. So now he didn't eat food. Only he eat some food and did nothing and only sitting in one place. WE GOT A NEW RABBIT Then after 2 to 3 weeks my Uncle got a new rabbit. Then on the first day my Uncle was bathing her then she felt that the water is cold and she shouted very loudly. Then my Uncle thought what happened to her. Then my grandparents came there to see what happened. Then my Uncle told that she shouted. Then the first day they both rabbits fight with each other. Then slowly slowly they became friends. So now early only on 22nd June the new rabbit gave birth to four cute rabbit baby's. And this all thing happened with them. Thank you 😊


Needhish Yadav Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon East