You are Not Alone!!!


By Vidya Yadav, Class 9, Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon East, Mumbai

You need not to regret if no one is with you, 
The time is with you and you yourself too. 
If you ever feel alone have a glance at mirror, 
You are just perfect for your own self without any error. 
Why do you need other person to keep yourself happy? 
Let people in your life be like pages of book that is flappy. 
Don't be a open book to be read by everyone, 
Or you will be taken for granted by everyone and not only someone. 
When you are feeling sad, 
Remember the moments which made you glad. 
This time is for you to explore, 
And no one will stop you to work till four. 
You have to raise your own name, 
You have to climb the stairs of fame. 
Learn that life is not a cricket game, 
To team up with others, and on your mistake, you get others blame. 
You are not alone, even if you are alone, 
With you, inside your body are 206 bone. 
Togetherness leads to more expectation. 
The other step in togetherness is exploitation
There is nothing to be depressed, 
Nobody will be there to choose how you should be dressed! 
Oh! Why to be stressed? 
This comes only to the one who are blessed. 
If you're alone, your heart will just pump the blood. 
Or else it just thinks of others and forgets you. 
Live in proud, Or you'll be wrapped up in a shroud. 
Why the hell you need a soulmate? 
You have a soul. Isn't it great? 
Find happiness and satisfaction in yourself, 
Arrange and set on your own, your cupboard and shelf. 
Leaving the world is not any solution, 
Refresh yourself and get evolution. 
Live your life to the fullest, 
Keep your dream as high as 
The Mount Everest! Hey You! 
Yes You, You are better alone. 
Psychology says, Alone are legends, 
who are always known.


Vidya Yadav Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon East