My Pet Chimp


By Rosalyn R. Philip, Class 5, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai

I have a pet named Zee 
And he’s a chimpanzee 
He loves bananas, loves to play 
And loves to hide my spectacles everyday 
He’s energetic, adorable and sneaky too
he stole my chocolates while playing peekaboo! 
Zee may take your hanky when you aren’t looking
and will steal from the kitchen, a jar of cookies 
I told my friend that my chimp’s a little thief
but she shook her head in disbelief 
She came to my home and ran away screaming
as Zee was on the couch, his eyes gleaming 
When I brought him for show
and tell I saw that he acted very well 
Then suddenly he started to wriggle and wiggle
and the class broke into a fit of giggles 
If you come around, do come to meet Zee 
Because I’ll be happy to meet you and so will he 
But, BEWARE, you may be his next victim 
As he may fancy your knick knacks and items.


Rosalyn R. Philip Bombay Scottish School, Mahim