My Jungle Safari


By Needhish Yadav, Class 4, Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon, Mumbai

One day I was going out with my parents. Then I lost and came across a Jungle. Then I went in the Jungle.Then I saw a monkey🐒. First I was afraid of it. But then the monkey came near me. Then I saw it was a baby monkey. It was so cute. Then it showed me his other animal friends. First it showed me his best friend. It was a baby elephant🐘. It was so cute. We three play with each other. The baby elephant fill water in his trunk and throwed on us. Then I, baby elephant and monkey went to the another friend the baby deer. The deer🦌 was so cute. We four were chasing each other. The elephant was chased by me. I caught him. And the deer was chased by the monkey. The monkey cannot catch the deer. Then suddenly a rabbit🐰 came . It caught the deer very fast. Then we also made that rabbit our friend. Then it was time to meet the next friend. The next friend was the cubs of lion🦁 and tiger 🐅. They were so cute but still I was afraid of them. Then I was afraid of them. But then still I went near them but they did nothing. Then we seven enjoyed the day. Then at night 9'o clock my parents come to take me. Then my parents said " Come here they can harm you." Then I said " They are my friends" Then my parents took me to home.


Needhish Yadav Yashodham High School and Junior College, Goregaon