Beauty Is Diversity


By Veruschka Pandey, Class 6, The International School Bangalore, Bangalore

Always they would come to me to criticize 
To tell me I have bad hair, or that my nose is the wrong size 
The pain I bore for years 
The pain was harsh and fierce I almost mustered up my courage to protest, 
But they continued speaking that I was not up to test 
So I changed I began covering up my darkness with powder 
I straightened my curls and wore some clothes of fur
I wore blue lenses to cover my brown eyes 
I covered my whole body with lies 
Finally, when I was ready 
They who had bullied me, became ME 
They had curled their straight hair 
They had gotten tanned to not be fair 
They had covered their eye colour with brown 
They had worn shorts and a simple shirt, not a fur gown 
So they changed, isn’t it strange? 
They had made me feel uncomfortable under my own property, my own skin, 
And then they came in the same skin! 
They had copied and become what I was 
And then I realised my loss 
People bully you when they don’t have something which you do 
They reduce your self-confidence, and then try to they become you 
Diversity is beauty, I was different, I was beautiful 
Now I have become the common, all because of a few people 
So beauty is diversity, a little change, isn’t it strange?


Veruschka Pandey The International School Bangalore