Not to Confuse, Know About Independence Day?

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By Riya Sharma , Class 5 A, Happy Model School, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Is it 72nd or 73rd Independence Day? Riya Sharma Many Children and even many Indians are confused that this year it's 72nd or 73rd Independence Day. My answer is clear that this year it's 73rd Independence Day. It was on August 15, 1947, when India got freedom from the British Rule and decided to be an independent democracy. We got the freedom in 1947 and celebrated 1st Anniversary in 1948, 10th in 1957, 50th in 97, 60th in 2007 and in this way it is the 73rd anniversary. Try to understand with an example, A kid that is born today i.e. 8th Aug 2020 will celebrate his 8th Birthday next year which means his 10th Birthday will be in 2030, 20th in 2040 and similarly 70th in 2090.

So, India completes 72 years of Independence on Thursday, but it will be the 73rd Independence Day, on 15 August (Thursday). Every year, on 15th August, the country celebrates freedom from the British rule. As we celebrate independence, we also celebrate the rich Indian culture and tradition. On this day, India witnesses a huge celebration of independence with tricolour flag hoisting, parades and cultural functions across the country. But this due to coronavirus pandemic these programs are with restrictions following the social distance rule. Independence Day is one of the most significant days in Indian history that reminds us of the bravery of our freedom fighters. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. 


Riya Sharma Happy Model School, Janakpuri