Integration of Tech with Schooling

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By Jatin Topakar, Class 10 C, Lake Montfort School, Bangalore, Bangalore

This could be a cliche topic in the the West, but as we fly towards the East the situation seems very different. In a country like India, the integration of tech with school is at the minimum. This is just a way of not coming up with a new system. The way students are taught today is the same way they were taught decades ago. As of today, as an implication of the lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have been forced to head towards a digital form of teaching. But it is not a permanent integration. ## Why is it necessary? Lets start of with notes, - The traditional way of just writing notes is just a nightmare. - It is a lengthy and time consuming process. - Storing these notes in the form of books is another hassle, we have to maintain several notes and books and this makes it a complicated process to find a particular lesson/note at a given time and place. - There are various digital means of writing and storing notes much efficiently. - And for the places where these methods cannot be applied, a journal can be carried and quick notes can be noted down for short-term use.

How can we imply these methods? Let us now discuss the known tools that can help in the integration of tech with schools: 1. G Suite G Suite consists of apps like Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms to efficiently take notes, teach students in an appealing manner, record and organize data and even conduct tests and exams in a fair manner. Google also provides its own Chrome Books which are laptops on which these features work smoothly. 2. Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) This is a suite offered by Microsoft which consists of the same app concepts that G Suite has to offer. This time with Word, Power Point, Excel, Forms it offers similar features with little variations. The school can make the decision of which plan suits their organization the best and integrate learning in this process.

How will this change learning? It is very clearly observable in today's world that "The world revolves around Tech" as some might say. And this is completely true. Just take the time to glance over your surroundings, you will notice that basically anything you look at will be some how associated with tech. And so students should be trained for this very future. 1. This will make learning more quick and easy. 2. It will actually train us for something that will be used extensively in the future. 3. This will also give the students a broad spectrum and various perspectives of life. ## What is the country doing about this? The Education Ministry of India recently came up with a new Education policy called NEP(National Education Policy) which changes certain aspects of learning mostly in the tech field. With this policy students will learn essential skills like coding, data base management etc at an early age of 12. This shows that the Government really cares about this topic and is slowly taking steps to fully integrate this in the lives of students, teachers and parents.

Conclusion: Tech is a really important aspect of life in today's day and age. Therefore, it is very essential to train us students to the right future. And tech can help us do so. The Government should really take this topic very seriously and take the steps carefully and implement this by impeccable planning. 


Jatin Topakar Lake Montfort School, Bangalore