The Unsung COVID-19 Warrior - Delivery Men

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By Prajwal NH, Class 8, BGS National Public School, Bangalore

Delivery Men It may sound silly and unthought of when I mention The Delivery men as a COVID-19 warrior. But if we break through this stereotype and take a second thinking deep about this then we understand that Delivery men are our primary COVID-19 warrior than anyone else because they not only ensure and protect us against the exposure of this deadly virus but also put their lives in risk for us yet delivering all our essential supplies right to our doorstep. I just can’t imagine a scenario in this crisis with the absence of Delivery men. Without delivery men who work tirelessly and rigorously, we would have to step out of our home almost every day to buy essentials such as milk bread etc. which would result in a crowd just like an ordinary day before this pandemic which leads to a higher risk of us being prone to this deadly virus. Doctors, medical staff, The police etc. are credited and obliged by most of us and the social media for their service. Why wouldn’t they, they are saving so many lives. But between all of this a hidden face, working and fulfilling hisher duties irrespective of any weather or climatic condition and irrespective of any pandemic, health hazard or lockdown yet they are hardly ever taken into account or thanked. They are our delivery men. All of these COVID-19 warriors usually have support from the government through life insurances etc. But delivery men are not provided with any such advantages and they are mostly much weaker financially too. "Prevention is better than cure", a rather famous quote we have heard a lot about during this pandemic. We usually go to doctors to get ourselves diagnosed and treated but it is because of these delivery men who are preventing the spread of this pandemic that most of us are at the peak of our health even during such a crisis. While most COVID-19 warriors deal with only some patients Delivery men help the entire nation by preventing the spread of this disease. Hence we should respect all the delivery men and by respect, I do not mean the opposite of abusing rather a sense of gratitude towards them may be in the form of a simple and short. 


Prajwal NH BGS National Public School