RobinAge: Wall of Fame - Poems - The Joy of Childhood

The Joy of Childhood


By Helsa Kopelli, Class 10, Alwardas Public School, Visakhapatnam

Childhood isn't the times when you scored first in class, 
it is about helping your friend to pass without being caught. 
Childhood isn't the times about who's got more food, 
it is about sharing yours with a smile. 
Childhood isn't about getting an answer right, 
it is about the times you wished the bell rang before your turn. 
Childhood isn't about who's got the highest'
it is about just being able to spend another year with your friends. 
Childhood isn't about having a farewell ceremony, 
it is about the times you felt hard to bid goodbye to your best friend. 
Childhood isn't about hard work, study and stress, 
it is about the times you sang, danced and had fun- always together. 
Childhood isn't about the times you were applauded before the whole school, 
it is about the times you wished you didn't come to class on the introduction day.
Childhood isn't about how you spend time in class, 
it is about the times you kicked and yelled at your friend but still she thinks to remain on your side.
Childhood isn't about keeping quiet,  
it is the times you ravaged the class when your teacher wasn't around. 
Childhood isn't about saying a sorry, 
It is the times the "who's fault" comes in between. 
Childhood is all about those forever-cherished memories.
When we look back at them, 
Nothing remains except those priceless thoughts and never-ending tears.


Helsa Kopelli Alwardas Public School