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Joseph And Friends: The Rise of Prof. Potassium


By Vedant Gundale, Class 3, NES National Public School, Mulund West, Mumbai

Once there lived six friends: Joseph, Sinnoh, Rajani, Aarav, Praveen and Ananth. Soon it was summer vacation and they were very excited to find another mystery. They had solved mysteries before. One day, when Sinnoh and Aarav, who were twins, went to the market with their mother, Mrs. Christina, they both noticed some very unusual footprints, which were around 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. They thought they’d tell it to Praveen, a very smart and kind boy, so the next day, they all had an emergency meeting. They told the matter and took them to the place. It was a very dark night, so they carried a Micro LED torch which was giving off very bright light. When they reached the spot, Praveen examined the the footprints and felt the road and the footprints. They noticed that the roads were prickly. When Praveen examined them, when he touched the footprints, he felt a thin plastic sheet beneath his hands. He removed the plastic sheet and slowly a small door started expanding and expanding. Soon it became the size of two big doors!!! It led down a staircase. It was a very long ride to go all the way down.

Finally, when they reached down, they went left, then they went right, then they went left and they went forward. Now they reached a door, and Aarav pressed his ear to the door. After that, suddenly, the door disappeared, and a blue mist came from high powered fans which were set on the ceiling. Three ninjas appeared out of the mist!! The ninjas caught the friends and took them to a room where a HUGE man was seated on a very comfy-looking chair. It was known that the HUGE man was a very evil and cruel man, but the children didn’t know that. The man roared, "WHO ARE YOU??? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? HOW DID YOU GET TO THIS ROOM???” Rajani, who was a brave and honest girl, stepped up and said, ‘Sir, we were investigating, and we saw the strange footprints…’. And then she described the whole story and what brought them here. The Ninjas said ‘Sir, we brought them to you because they were interrupting and were discovering all our secret hallways.’ The man, who was also known as Professor Potassium, sent the Ninja-spies away. He said, ‘Welcome welcome to my headquarters!’. Then he pressed a button and comfy-chairs and a table with a lot of tasty food appeared out of thin air! On the table were donuts, chocolates, croissants, sandwiches, pizzas, fries, ice creams, sizzling brownies and a lot more delicious food! Professor Potassium said ‘Eat, my friends, eat! This is all for you.’ All the kids ate all of it very happily and thanked the Professor. But the only one who did not eat was Joseph, because he was scared of the Coronavirus of 2019. He refused to eat no matter how much Professor tried to plead with him. Then, Professor Potassium said, ‘I will lead you to one of our beautiful projects, which I’m sure you will all like.’ He led them to a deep dungeon!

He then led them into one of the jails and as they watched, he LOCKED THEM INSIDE! The kids were very scared and realized that Professor Potassium was an evil man, and all of this was a trap! But then, all of those who had eaten at the table, fell asleep. Joseph was the only one awake and was the most frightened of all! Joseph saw a bottle of water in the jail. He sniffed it and came to know that it was some sort of drug to wake people up from the deepest of the slumbers. He sprinkled some of this on his friends, and Voila! All of them woke up! Joseph told them what happened and how they got stuck here. Fortunately, Aarav had a knife which could cut through everything, even the strongest titanium. It was a birthday gift from one of his friends. He pulled it out from his pocket and started cutting through the bars. He cut a huge rectangle and the kids slipped out. Ananth had in his backpack a superglue, which could stick anything, including diamonds and gold. He stuck the bars they had cut and in a split second, Professor Potassium came!

Thankfully, Professor Potassium was short-sighted and he did not notice them slipping out. The kids ran for their lives! As soon as he saw them, he chased them. But the kids were faster and they escaped from the dungeon, through a door. They ran and ran, till they finally reached home at the crack of dawn! They ran all the way to the police station and Joseph narrated the whole incident to the police. The police followed the kids and were able to track down Professor Potassium and his gang in under 40 minutes. The police thanked the children for their daring escapade. The local government conferred Bravery Awards on the six brave children. The six kids grew confident about their sleuthing skills and formed a group called the ‘Six Century Group’ and decided to solve more mysteries through the summer!


Vedant Gundale NES National Public School, Mulund West