RobinAge: Wall of Fame - Poems - A Day in the Farm

A Day in the Farm


By Prasanya Arun, Class 6, Sri National School (CBSE), Erode

It is morning in the Farm, 
The sun is shining bright. 
The cockerel crows loudly, 
Awakening everyone in sight. 
The farmer goes about his day, 
Ensuring that everything is alright, 
Then he collects his produce, 
The fruits of his toil day and night.
The lush green grass sways in the sun, 
As the cows moo in delight. 
The cat runs around with its bell ringing, 
As the mice shriek in fright. 
Ripples, big and small, form in the duck pond, 
As the ducks swim up and down, left and right. 
The ground is turning barren in the chicken coop,
As the chickens peck at everything in sight.
The owl hoots loudly, 
As the day turns into night. 
The animals feel sleepy, 
As the dark seeps into the light.
The farmer tucks the animals in, 
Each and every one, 
As he himself retires, 
Because his busy day is done. 
As everyone is asleep, 
The cricket is wide awake. 
He sings a melody oh, so sweet, 
That all sleep peacefully till daybreak.


Prasanya Arun Sri National School (CBSE)