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By Jagrut Devadiga, Class 7, Vidyodaya Public School, Udupi

Hundred of poets come and go
Includes Tagore, Shakespeare, Keats and Poe. 
They find inspiration in some things they you may say no. 
There are a billion stars in the sky 
I believe these are the remains of the poets who die.
Like their poems that glitter and shine they too stay 
there up there and maybe wait for a poem of mine. 
I wandered across this subject searching for the help I need. 
I still search for the great ideas that will help me succeed. 
Poetry opens my mind clears it and sanitizes it. 
Finally I wish for the poets who are in motion surging ahead with their skill. 
I think for those poets poetry is their soul.


Jagrut Devadiga Vidyodaya Public School