For COVID-19: Benefits but for how long?

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By Jatin Topakar, Class 10 C, Lake Montfort School, Bangalore

1. According to a study done by the University of Oxford in 2015, 56.66 Million people had died.
2. Also, according to a study done by the World Health Organisation and, Accidents are the 3rd leading cause of death. In that the 8th largest cause of death are road accidents.
3. Now the majority of people are working from home so the rate of accidents has decreased. So there are death rates increasing as a cause of Covid-19, but decreasing as there is a decrease in rate of accidents.
4. Now, as of 23rd of August 803K [8Lakh] people have died because of the Coronavirus. But there have been other diseases long ago. For example The Black Death: Bubonic Plague which took place in 1346 took the lives of 50 Million people that's 5 crore people. And others like small pox, SARS, ebola, the Spanish Flu etc have taken the lives of millions of people around the world.
5. Also if you log in to sources like Google, Arogya Setu etc you’ll always find that the number of recovered people are higher than the people who have deceased. Again as of 23rd of August 803K people have died and 14.8 Million [1 crore 48 lakh] people have recovered from Covid-19. 

1. The introduction of work from home for most of the organisations has helped the organisations around the world to keep the work flow going.
2. Schools and colleges have started online classes. So that academics of students can continue.
3. About schools in Rural areas, I personally think it's the Government’s duty to provide schools with the equipment to study from home.
4. And also there should be a proper infrastructure well in advance for pandemics like this. Because of the lack of planning for unpredictable pandemics like this we are currently lagging behind in terms of dealing with this virus.
5. On the positive side we can see the increase in e-commerce, e-shopping. And an increase in the usage of Streaming services like YouTube, Netflix etc by 20% and also the usage of Video Meeting Softwares has increased which is a huge market. 

Environment Healing:
1. As a result of fewer vehicles on the road, there has been a decrease in carbon emissions by a massive 17%.
2. The reduction in Air Pollution has saved 77,000 lives
3. Emission of Nitrogen Oxides has reduced by 50%.
4. Deforestation has reduced by 50%.
5. The hunting of animals like moose, deers, bears, mountain lions has fallen by 58% from March and April.
6.There is also a 10% decrease in fossil fuel emission.
7. Weather forecasts can be predicted more accurately as there are less airplanes flying in the sky.
8. Seismic Noise has reduced by 50% as a result of less traffic and low industrial activity.
9. 25% of the European Recovery Package [1 Trillion Euros] is set to go towards Climate Change Mitigation. Whereas Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power are excluded from the funding.
10. The Water in the Venice Canals in Italy has seen an increase in speed of water flow due to less water pollution.

Negative contribution by the Media:

1. As mentioned before, the number of recovered patients are higher than that of deceased patients. Also, as mentioned earlier, numerous pandemics have occurred in the world before this. And they were way worse.
2. In today’s day and age, as media is available to all, there is a high chance of news getting over-exaggerated and even false information can spread.
3. Therefore, the coronavirus is not as worse as it could’ve been. It is the contribution of the Media that has led to worldwide panic.
4. If the necessary actions will be taken then we can easily overcome this pandemic instead of creating global panic.

1. Home Workout Apps are a good way to keep up with your health from home.
2. People are ordering less takeaways, that means that most food will be home made and there will be a lesser chance of getting an infection and people will eat healthy.


Jatin Topakar Lake Montfort School