What If... I Could Invent Any New Machine


By Anish Vedsen, Class 3, Global Indian International School, Whitefield, Bangalore

I love watching cartoons on television. So I would like to invent a machine named "Reel-Rob” that can take me to the cartoon world, from the real world to the reel world. Reel-Rob is a small green box that gets charged up from solar energy. I would feed all my favourite cartoon shows to the machine. There would be a display screen to see and select your favourite characters or shows. The big red button on Reel-Rob is the start key, when you press it the laser light will come and all characters will come alive, and we can have fun with them. It's a compact lightweight machine, easy to carry anywhere. The first show I would love to enter is Tom and Jerry, created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Until now, it is one of the best cartoon shows loved by all age groups. I would like to meet Tom and Jerry, cuddle them, and try to stop Tom from chasing Jerry all the time or I could make them friends. I am curious to see their house from inside and that lady’s face who is roaming around on television with heels.

My next favourite show is Chota Bheem, created by Rajiv Chilaka in 2008. Today it is the most famous show among kids. I would be very excited to meet Bheem and all his friends and try some mouth-watering Ladoos made by Tuntun mausi.Take a tour of the Dholakpur village and teach a lesson to Daku Mangal Singh who terrorizes the villagers. My next favourite is the Peppa Pig show, created in 2004 by Mark Baker. I have always seen them jumping on muddy puddles on television, so I would love to jump with them; eat their favourite food, spaghetti and go on a long drive in their red car. My next favourite is Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He is a superhero who fights crime and keeps New York City safe.

I would love to be a part of his mission, wished to jump, fly ,climb on walls, and run after the train like him. Will try his costume too. It would be a thrilling experience to meet your favourite character and be a part of the show .Generally kids are glued to the television to watch their cartoons. Instead of watching, kids can spend time playing on Reel-Rob. It's like a fun-filled indoor picnic. Today, we are living with a new normal to fight against the pandemic. We can't go out freely to playgrounds, parks or to meet our friends. We have to wait till things are back to normal. But, until then we can meet our reel friends through Reel-Rob. Time for some fun friends…..


Anish Vedsen Global Indian International School, Whitefield