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By Adwita Pisupati, Class 5, Nasr School, Khairatabad, Hyderabad

Covid 19, a dangerous virus has taken over the world. This virus is also called Novel Corona virus, this is not a computer virus. It is a human virus. Wait! Why is it called Novel Corona virus? Does the virus read books or is the virus a book? Wait! It is not a book. It is a virus and that too a human virus. Before, everyone were scared of ghosts but, now everyone is scared of Novel Corona virus, so go out only if it is necessary. Everyone is trying to find a medicine for the virus, to catch him/her. No, it is not a person, it is a virus. And, if you go outside, wear a mask and maintain social distance. This Virus is not on balance. So, be careful.


Adwita Pisupati Nasr School, Khairatabad