The Lost Scarf


By Rishit Khanna, Class 3, Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Once upon a time a middle aged man, Mr Cheese, was passing through a jungle, he was wearing his favourite red colour scarf. The scarf was gifted by his best friend, Mr Pizza Suddenly, the wind started blowing and then turned into a storm. Somehow he managed to protect himself and sat at the side of the path holding a big rock. But his favourite scarf flew away in the storm. After the storm calmed the man started searching for his scarf, he looked for it under trees, behind the bushes and everywhere possible. However, he was unable to find it. Then he saw a cave and said "I think I should look for my scarf in the cave”.

He entered the cave and started walking inside it but the cave was very long. The man walked…walked…walked... and finally got tired. He had some food which he was carrying with him and fell asleep. He continued his journey next day, then again he walked…walked… and got tired, had food and fell asleep. He continued the same for the next day also. Then it was fourth day he woke up with all his strength and love for his scarf and continued his journey.

Finally on the fourth day he found his favourite scarf which was lying on the stones near the exit of the cave. His eyes were gleaming with happiness. He took his scarf, wiped the dust on it and wore it around his neck and this time he tugged it with collar of his shirt. Moral of the story- Hold your things in the wind tightly and be determined and positive in life so as to reach your goal.


Rishit Khanna Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar