My Ghost Discovery


By Sagnik Chakraborty, Class 6, South Point High School, Kolkata

I was watching a ghosty movie last night, 
When suddenly someone gave me a bite, 
On my leg, 
Such that I was in a condition to beg. 
Suddenly I recognized that it's neither my dog nor my cat, 
But a bandaged man wearing a hat. 
It was none other than a mummy,
Who was feeling dummy, 
Sleeping inside the coffin for days and nights, 
And having mosquito bites. 
I was in a condition to faint, 
When suddenly the mummy bent, 
At me, And laughed, 
"Hee! Hee! Hee!"
I was watching its eyes were red,
When I suddenly heard a strange noise from my bed.
It was another mummy,
Who was playing Rummy, On my tab, 
When I suddenly found another mommy coming out of my chemistry lab.
Like this, the night was over. 
I came out of my bed cover. 
And shouted, "Everyone hear! 
The discovery of ghosts I have decipher!"


Sagnik Chakraborty South Point High School