The Harry Potter Vaccine


By Annika Goplani, Class 2, The J B Petit High School for Girls, Fort, Mumbai

Dear Wizard -Harry Potter 
You better, you really oughta, 
Listen to an idea, that I have gotcha- 
While "stay home, stay safe" is the loud roar,
You - my moonface can be not much more - 
If you only stay within your house - Griffindor.... 
Corona is ain't, just ain't stoppin' mate, 
The blimey bloke is sealing people's fate! 
"Arresto Momentum" - it's needed that spell 
This virus is a cursed growing beanstalk, that you need to fell, 
Now the impression around the curable injection is such
that it hasn't made headway, not really, not much! 
So go on then, out with your Holly and Phoenix wand, 
of all the fancy magic that you are so fervently fond!
Gather the ingredients, light up the fire,
Concocting lotions and potions as you may desire -
Fish scales and snake skin, bear's claws and molar teeth 
A wide variety of worms and bugs in soil and that lie beneath, 
cat's pointy, thorny whiskers, eyes of a blue poison dart frog, 
plump pink smelly snout of the fat, greedy hog wet, smelly socks, 
fungus infested bread or may be a rabid lizard's tail instead? 
and as you spell out phrases harsh and mean while 
adding a dash of rotten sweet lime green the cauldron 
will surely stir up a magical vaccine!
it can be then called the HPV - to be very precise and just imagine 
what influence you"ll get to exercise!
The royalty, the copyrights, the paparazzi, the TED talks 
the Magnificent Corona" Returns "- that you"ll be filling in your pockets and socks! 
Oh !Potter- it's a pot of glittering gold galore! 
That your good soul can share with your Guru - Albus Dumbledore!!


Annika Goplani The J B Petit High School for Girls, Fort