By Kush Rajesh, Class 3 , Greenfield Public School, Jakkur, Bangalore

Oh wait ! Before I start my story, I'll tell you what ShiRocke means. It's a ship which can be transformed into a rocket. Now that you know what it is, let's start. Once me and my cousin Ayush decided to play a game of rocket and the ship. We made a small ship (Oh, don't believe every word I say. We simply threw some pillows around a bed and put 2 more pillows on top to make it look like a camera). Then, we started the engine. For a few hours it was a peaceful ride, until suddenly a rocket came out of the ship. We were starting to fly !! By the time we realized that we were actually flying, we had reached Venus.

That's not it, we were then moving towards Mercury and then, wait a moment guys, I'm not able to breathe properly here........And........then.......... the Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Ayush was chanting, " We are 2 minutes from the Sun, we are 2 minutes from the Sun". I gave myself a little shake and when I opened my eyes - we were just home (read disappointed tone). I asked Ayush, drowsily, "Was that a dream ? We were 2 minutes from the Sun and all ?". "Yes", replied Ayush, who did not understand the question "Now if you don't mind, can we go back to earth ? " "Thank you, much better", I thought to myself excitedly! 


Kush Rajesh Greenfield Public School, Jakkur