By Shanvi priya, Class 6, Chiranjeevee Concept School, Ranchi

Once upon a time lived a rishi there were several students in his ashram. The rishi one day noticed his students started getting jealous from others in very little things. He decided to each them not to be jealous, he got an great idea. The next day he told his all the students to bring medium sized stones and told them that ''you need to keep these stones with you for seven days every time''. The students did the same and and in a few days got tired. On the eighth day they all came to the asharam and the rishi asked them about their experience and the students said ''master why did you tell us to carry these stones, it was very tiering''. The rishi laughed and said these stones are the people you are jealous with. You carry these weight with your mind everywhere, just throw these weight from your mind. The students learned a lesson and promised they will never be jealous of anyone.


Shanvi priya Chiranjeevee Concept School