By Apoorva Vishwanath, Class 5, Delhi Public School, Nacharam, Hyderabad

I am a rainbow.. no more than a VIP, 
When I come into the sky.. no one feels sleepy. 
Do you have doubt why I am called VIP
Because I’m so streaky when the sun and clouds make a red carpet for me 
Humans fetch their cameras before I flee
I am colourful and catch everyone’s eyes
Children start counting my colours number wise 
When I come no one keeps their eyes out 
If yes.. they do shout 
I am most pretty natural.. that beauty can’t come with software
You can just view me.. not comment or share 
And say with a lot of pride, while catching the cloud ball 
Knowing that pride goes after a fall I am the rainbow… no more than VIP 
When I come into the sky.. no one feels sleepy.


Apoorva Vishwanath Delhi Public School, Nacharam