By Hemani Suhasaria, Class 6, Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School, Thane

When there is no bread for the oven, 
And the shop isn't open, 
We try our own hand at making it, 
But lose our patience bit-by-bit, 
Oh! The vital ability of not hating, 
The hour of waiting.
When you try to learn the name of a place in North America,
Or the many properties of a mineral like Mica, 
But they do not settle in your head, 
You do not know if you are fed-up or up-fed, 
Oh! The vital ability of not hating, 
The long hour of waiting. 
When you try to dance to the beat, 
But have no support of your feet, 
You tumble and fall, 
And bang your head against the wall, 
Oh! The vital ability of not hating, 
The boring hour of waiting. 
When a job you try to search, 
And through the websites you march, 
But no opportunity knocks, 
You lose patience, one of success' building-blocks, 
Oh! The vital ability of not hating, 
The intense hour of waiting. 
When a model of the Taj Mahal you try to make, 
And all the burden on your hand you take, 
But the glimmer of patience by you isn’t spied, 
The great artists by you are envied, 
Oh! The vital ability of not hating, 
The tiring hour of trying and waiting. 
When you plant a seedling, But it isn’t growing, 
You think that your hard work is drained, 
And earlier good, the seed had just feigned,
Oh! The vital ability of not hating, 
The never-ending hour of waiting. 
A good result takes quite some time, hence, 
Be calm and keep hold of your patience! 
Your naively cooked bread will improve soon, 
Fit for a person born with a silver spoon. 
You’ll catch hold of the terms with revision, 
And between the many of them there will be no confusing fusion. 
Practice the steps for a day or two, 
And you’ll be a professional-in-the-making too. 
To get the job faraway isn’t the day, So be calm and gay. 
A magnificent copy of the Taj Mahal yours will be, 
Just use your brain, then wait and see. 
In a few years your tiny seed will be a tree, 
In the wind its leaves will move free. 
At last, the vital ability of not hating 
The endless hours of waiting.


Hemani Suhasaria Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School