By Shanvi priya, Class 6, Chiranjeevee Concept School, Ranchi

Once upon a time their lived a wise rishi with his students. The rishi noticed that his students have fallen in trap of jealousy the rishi wanted to do something. The rishi got an idea. One day after the session he told all the students that ''In the evening everyone will bring stones representing one person from which they our jealous and keep it in a bag''. The same evening the students did the same then the rishi said, "keep the bag of stones for 7 days with you everywhere wherever you go play, sit, eat''.

After few days all the students started complaining. After seven days they all met in ashram the students complained the rishi, Ram said "we are tiered carrying these bags these stones are of no use ''. The rishi answered ''this is what I wanted to explain you, you carry the feeling if jealousy in your mind doesn't that make you tiered''. the students replied ''we understood that jealousy is the garbage of our mind which dirties our mind we promise we will never get jealous of anyone ''. The students quickly threw the stones far away. The rishi smiled.

MORAL: Jealousy is the dirt of our mind.


Shanvi priya Chiranjeevee Concept School