Song of the Nightbird


By Rashi Soni, Class 7 F , The Shishukunj International School, Indore

Deep in the hollow the night at its height, 
Song of the nightbird echoing in the quiet, 
Stillness as that of the past in our hearts, 
As once again the nightbird starts, 
Call of the wild in the deep groove,
The nightbird on a constant move, 
All across the forest drizzling raindrops, 
Shining sapphires, the lovely dew drops, 
Reflection in silence in nature‚Äôs abode, 
Away from the bustle of the angry road, 
Tenderly gripping, the greeness of the new, 
To the beginnings of those touching the blue, 
Magic of the moonlight so mesmerising,
A flurry of emotions slowly arising, 
Whispering quietly the flow of the brooks, 
Melodies bursting from hidden nooks, 
Songs of silence filling the quiet, 
Deep in the hollow the night at its height...


Rashi Soni The Shishukunj International School