Letters to Editor

By Bhumi Chheda, Class 8, SVKM JV Parekh International School, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Does everyone like commercials, movies and TV series imagining everything for us? Books broadly allow people to imagine and dream up scenes and characters, they inspire us to personify the quintessential people, those who have become epitomes of the society however this cannot be forced. Most schools around the world have library classes or silent reading time to motivate students to read and as the phrase goes ‘What’s a person without a book?’ although most adults do not realize that children do not follow instructions if they are thrust on them.

While reading can be inculcated in an amusing way sometimes, the pressure of reading when the yearn does not come naturally can be stressful and like the weight of a building weighing you down.. Readers may dream more or come up with more creative thoughts adeptly and in a sliver. On the other hand as children grow older they might think it ‘cool’ to act exactly opposite to what books are teaching and interpret storylines and characters completely wrong; delving into ‘the dark side’.

As always, whether to be influenced by the right and using reading as a de-stress policy is in the reader’s hands. Even so the most troubling and demeaning is not getting the books of the right kind to read; these are not necessarily those that inspire; although all books do in a way, they are books that attract magnets together. When forced, in school, reading does not have the effects it should however when encouraged it most probably does.


Bhumi Chheda SVKM JV Parekh International School, Vile Parle West