Covid Has Changed Us

Letters to Editor

By Ayn Asif, Class 7, Reliance Foundation School, Navi Mumbai

Covid has Changed us!! Everyone knows about the deadly covid-19 virus that started from china and now, is terrorizing the globe in and out. The virus has taught us that we as a species can change really fast, if nudged a little. Living life with corona virus has given the world a new angle to see itself, I feel that corona virus is the daughter of mother earth who couldn’t bear seeing the way we humans have tortured her mother and came down on earth to teach us, cruel humans a lesson because she surprisingly brought so many changes that people once thought were impossible. Now the world can see the clear blue skies the clean rivers and the empty roads. There are millions of people who enjoyed fresh air in their cities and how, after two generations, residents in Jalandhar saw the snow-capped Himalayas clearly.

People have forgotten fires of the Amazon forest and Australia, the countless floods, increasing famines and heat waves, sea level rise and pandemic. The things we took for granted were easily snatched away from our hands. The amazing Indian railway, the friendly vegetable hawker, the drive to the nearest hyper-market are no longer available at our call. The lock down has significantly reduced road accidents in India. Post-lock down plans are made as the government gets ready to lift further restrictions. Because of the pandemic, apps such as zoom are earning great profit because all school courses are now in online classes. The whole world is now using masks and sanitizers to a great extent. People have started taking hygiene very seriously as they have to wash their hands with soap or hand wash frequently.

Work from Home (WFH) is the third major change that has become a part of a person's life. People are stuck in their own homes and cannot go out to meet friends or for any occasion especially in countries like America and India where the covid-19 toll is higher than a lakh. In India, the country is divided into red, orange and green zones based on the number of corona cases in the area. Home delivery is the only way we can eat food from a restaurant. All religious places are closed and so are sites for tourism. The world is a huge place which I think if people can be motivated enough to reduce their travel and increase their concern for nature, they can prove that individual action has the potential to transform this world into a better place to live in.


Ayn Asif Reliance Foundation School