Book Review

Letters to Editor

By Adway, Class 3, Sherwood College, Nainital, Panchkula

‘The Midnight Gang ‘is based on five children who live in Lord Funt Hospital, London in the children’s ward named as Tom, George, Sally, Robin and Amber respectively. Tom, 12 has a bump on his head. George, 11 is getting his tonsils removed. Robin,12 is recovering from an operation to save his eyesight. Amber also 12 has broken both of her arms and legs and is on a wheelchair. Sally the youngest is just 10 and is very ill so she spends most of her time sleeping. This Gang is inherited from the children who lived in Lord Funt Hospital back then it came into force. The main task of the Gang is to fulfill other patients dreams by imaginary ways.

The Gangs comes into force at Midnight only. There is a young fellow named Sandy who wants to have a tea with the Queen... The gang fulfills his dream in unusual ways. Everything is planned. Robin puts a bedpan on his head that becomes his crown, he puts a curtain on his back for a cape and George has taken the charge to make the Queen’s (Robin) Corgis. The Gang collects the fluffiest slippers in the hospital for the Corgis. Read the book to know more about the unusual ways of how the Gang fulfills the dreams of other children including their own and also who started this Gang.

Author: David Williams
Publisher: Harper Collins
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Price: Rs.399


Adway Sherwood College, Nainital