A Platter too Many

Letters to Editor

By Bhumi Chheda, Class 8, SVKM JV Parekh International School, Vile Parle, Mumbai

Eating is a part of our lives and sometimes we cannot subdue the yearn to eat something for the tingling taste buds; some people end up feasting on unhealthy or junk foods but is it really right to cause a dearth at all times? If you sit back and ponder, deep down, you will know for sure. Undoubtedly keeping children on a leash just adds fuel to the fire resulting in lying and hiding things, this might become blasé and seem unimportant. Even so parents know that ‘binge’ eating junk food is the major cause of obesity, diabetes and other health issues amongst others. Indeed setting an example for children will lead to a healthy lifestyle which is almost impossible to abet and forsake.

If children do not learn self-control, their chances of prospering seem ethereal and minute because great responsibility requires perseverance, problem-solving skills and self-actualization. Tackling taste-buds is belie at times. On the other hand, not introducing them to junk food means eating immunity boosting foods so they will never ask for it or make choices that could hamper their growth. Lastly, according to me it is wrong to not be introduced and be ready to face the real world not only that, but this can be used as ammunition in verbal wars making parents question where they went wrong. You cannot choose family but you can choose food so make the right choices and be adroit.


Bhumi Chheda SVKM JV Parekh International School, Vile Parle