My Book Review - Dogman by Dave Pilkey

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By Araadhi Sharma, Class 5, Delhi Public School, Gandhidham

Dogman by Dave Pilkey Dogman is an interesting graphic novel that tells the story of a superhero called Dogman. Dogman helps the police department to fight crime in the city. Dogman’s biggest nemesis is an evil cat named Pete. They always try to outsmart each other. This book is my favourite as I enjoy reading it and I am fascinated by the story.

This book teaches me how humans and animals can work together to protect our world. This book has influenced me deeply and has motivated me to draw and write my own comic strips from time to time. It inspires me in many ways. I recommend this book to all my friends. Ages 5+ onwards will enjoy this book for sure. ~Happy Reading


Araadhi Sharma Delhi Public School