By Shirsa Chakraborty , Class 8, Shri Shikshayatan School, Kolkata

Why was I happy? I am supposed to be his enemy then why am I happy ? I cannot think of anything right now , I need to congratulate him . "Hey Arcade " I say , " Please Emerald I don't want to listen to your mean remarks" he replied... "No , wait... I was gonna congratulate you and also I am really sorry about the being mean thingy, I know it's not easy to forgive me but just one chance is all I need " I said ... he looked at me with a cute smile and said " Why, Emerald I forgive you , umm and thanks ,also would like to come to the after match party ? " He asked, my eyes lit up and I nodded like a 5 year old child " What I meant was , would you like to go as my date ? " he asked again .. " yes yes " I said

The next day when I reached the party, I saw Arcade standing on the front yard with a cup in his hand, " Umm, hi " I said " Hi Eme, you look stunning " he replied making me blush, " thanks " I said ... "you wanna go inside ? " he asked , I nodded again. Why am I suddenly so happy, being with him ? I hated the guts of him , What's happening to me , oh good lord " Eme, let's go " he said catching me off guard , what surprised me was him intertwining our hands together ... a blush crept up my cheeks , " Umm, Eme I need to tell you something " he said stopping infront of the door "yes please " I replied "Eme , though we've been the biggest enemies since middle school , but something about you always made me like you and now that you finally put an end to our never ending fights, I really wanna ask you this , Emerald will you be my girlfriend? " and that's when I realized that I too have been in love with him, so without any question I said yes and kissed me ... That day I felt like the happiest girl in the whole world.


Shirsa Chakraborty Shri Shikshayatan School