The Land of Elves


By Ayesha Siddiqua, Class 7, D.A.V Ideal School, Vellore

George was a boy who lived in a small, cosy, comfortable home. He loved his garden, His garden with the neem trees dark and green. The air was sweet because of the combination of the velvet, pink, red roses having prickles on their stems and an apple tree which he liked the most. He climbed up the tree and watch the daily disappearance of the monumental sun. While staring at the west side he ate apples. His mother called "George! Come on it's time for snacks". He came down to the dining room. His mother gave some pie which was utterly delicious!. He smacked his lips and went to the bedroom. Soon enough, he was dozing off. In his dream he saw a fog which was dark pink. He went through it and saw an old little man, he said 'How did you come here? How?' George was quite surprised at first and said 'I don't know how I came here! I just passed through the fog' Then the little man went away shouting O! It's a human, a human in our world! O! When the little man was gone, George shrugged his shoulders with his hands up. As he went on, he could not see a single thing but pink air. And later the fog disappeared abruptly, he found himself in a dense forest.

There were two little birds singing but it almost sounded like as if they were talking. The birds hummed: 'Hey Joanna I wonder if that's a human' 'O how silly of you! how could a human possibly come into this world it must be some kind of an elf' George ran as things were quite chaotic, And came to a river and drank a little water from it. He then sighed, George suddenly saw an elf staring at his bewildered face. 'Father was right! Father was right! said the elf. She ran saying it's a human! It's a human! Don't go! I am very alone and why is everyone so afraid of me? said he. So you aren't one of the angry humans are you? Ok then, she sighed. After a while they became good friends, the elf's name was Molly. Molly, Why were you afraid when you first saw me? asked George. Let me tell you a story that my father told me, When we came into the world the humans were fair, after some years. They ill-treated us. They called us names. And they beat us with sticks and made us their servants. We secretly made a fog which only invites elves and who is pure in their hearts.

And I think you came here because you are pure in your heart she said with a smile. The sun set was on the east side. What a unusual thing it is! thought George. O it's getting late! Mother would be so worried about me. What do I do now?! What do I do know?! shouted George. Then Molly smiled at him and waved goodbye. George couldn't understand Why Molly was waving at him. And went backward so fast that he felt so dizzy. George! George! Wake up! Shouted his mother. What were you murmuring in your sleep? Well, do come on now! it's time for breakfast. Then, he woke up and told his mother about his dream. Mother laughed What a wild imagination you have! George. You might become an cartoonist George. George thought as he went to the dining hall What a dream! Wash your hands and sit down. I'll make you some eggs said his mother. He sat and ate. He gazed through the window. He saw the same pink air. He was in a befuddled state again. The End 


Ayesha Siddiqua D.A.V Ideal School