Every Dark Cloud has a Silver Lining


By Precious Semwal , Class 7, Navy Children School, Visakhapatnam

On 24th March, in the evening after playing I came home at 7:30 p.m. That day I and my friends discussed about a new disease spreading across the globe with the weird name Novel Covid-19, little did we know that this novel covid-19 is going to turn my or maybe our world upside down in many novel ways, at 0730 p.m. that same night, honorable prime minister of India declared a complete lockdown of the country from 25th March to 14th April. barring essential services, everything else was closed. From my home only person, who was able to go out was my elder sister Anita Didi, as she is a professional nurse and was busy at hospital. She could not come home as she was in contact with Covid-19 suspect patients. However on 26th March I talk to my sister on phone and she sounded very low and gloomy, on my pressing she explained that though PPEs and masks were adequate for the medical staff but for other people like sanitation workers, police personnel and other essential staff workers, they were short and this would make them very vulnerable to the disease and that in turn would overwhelm an already hard-pressed medical department, if all of a sudden a lot of people were to fall sick at the same time.

Anita Didi said that though the government has dispatched fresh stocks of protective equipment but it will take some time for them to arrive. The situation was scary and rightly so. To distract myself I started reading our new English book. First chapter, Idiom exercises; One: Truth always prevails Two: Diamond cuts diamond Suddenly my chain of thoughts started running, diamonds… Coronavirus has gone viral… Viral…. what is other thing which goes viral; of course, a video can go viral. Only by going viral we will fight the disease as diamond cuts diamond. As PPEs were not possible but mask. Those can be managed. I immediately checked on YouTube for the easiest way to make a mask at home. I tried to make one and voila! It was ready, of course with little tinkering. I immediately made a DIY video and send it all my friends and ask them to make this request go viral. I said this was a challenge that how many masks a can a child make in a single day.

Within no time the message was viral and an army of home stricken, bored children got something to work on and to our surprise by next morning we were ready with nearly 4000 masks. I told my father about this and he was very appreciative and happy. He called the district administrative office and they gratefully collected all the masks from different places. 4 days later my Didi called again, but this time she was sounding a little relieved. cases were coming up in a manageable pace and by now the government supplies had also arrived. My Didi thanked all the kids, saying that they have helped to "flatten the curve”. A week back everything was gloomy, things were looking very bad but a viral message helped us all. Now I am back to studying my English book, chapter 01, idioms exercise again. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, meaning - never lose hope, because difficult times always lead to better days. How true, stay in stay safe, my dear friends. 


Precious Semwal Navy Children School