The Art of Giving


By Sanskriti Chandel, Class 7G, City Montessori School Aliganj 1, Lucknow

A sleek black Mercedes smoothly came to a halt in front of a majestic mansion in Bandra, Mumbai. A chauffeur resplendent in uniform grabbed the car handle with gloved hands and opened the car door. Out stepped a smartly dressed man with a briefcase in his hands and a frown on his face, Mr. Roy, the wealthiest businessperson in Mumbai. He made his way towards the door where an attendant held it open for him. The moment he entered the mansion, he was surrounded by a number of obsequious butlers, attendants etc. who kept asking him questions like, "May I hang your coat for you sir?’ or "What would you like for dinner today sir?” In spite of all this attention and all these offers, Mr. Roy walked straight past them as if he was not aware of his surroundings. He went to his room, took a bath and by the time he came out, his dinner had already been lain. There was a variety of cuisines, a variety of dishes but he ate it in a mechanical fashion and then went to bed. A person who has so many luxuries and who leads a life fit for kings should be happy and content, but that was not the case with Mr. Roy, he was never satisfied, he always yearned for more and more and more.

Right when he was thinking of a downfall in the share market, his manager Mr. Bose called up. He had called to ask if the meeting which was to be held the next day could be cancelled due to the growing threat of the pandemic. Mr. Roy replied irritably, "Oh, don’t be so inconsiderate. We absolutely can’t say no to this deal, it is the future of our company!” Thus thoroughly annoyed, he ended the call. Next day the meeting was held, some people took precautions, some didn’t but of course, Mr. Roy didn’t mind. Slowly the days crawled by when one fine day the dreaded symptoms began to reveal themselves. Mr. Roy felt feverish, he couldn’t smell anything and there was persistent cough. He got himself tested and it turned out that he was COVID positive. He immediately got himself admitted in one of the top hospitals in Mumbai. He was initially isolated but as his condition worsened, he was shifted to the ICU. He lay there worrying day and night even when the doctors told him that worrying so much wasn’t good for him. He stayed like that for many days when one fine day he had to witness a situation where due to the lack of ventilators, many patients were struggling for dear life and a few had already lost theirs.

This triggered the ‘human’ inside him, while thinking about the same at night, a sudden thought struck him. He thought that why not use all his immense wealth to help these people? He called his manager at that very moment and told him to donate a good sum of money to the hospital. The manager was pleasantly surprised, the next day he completed all formalities and straight away an order for ventilators was placed. From the next day onwards, the people who had been suffering were given proper treatment and they showed signs of recovery. The satisfaction and happiness that Mr. Roy felt was something he had not experienced in his entire healthy and wealthy life. When he was finally discharged, he saw the happy families of the people he had helped and for the first time in many years, a child-like smile flashed across his usually serious and solemn face. It was at this point that he realized that all the worldly things he had been running after were useless; it was this art of helping others which gave one real happiness. When he left the hospital, he also left behind his unhelpful character, harsh and unwelcoming personality and all his stress and anxiety. From then on, he utilized his money in various charity drives and philanthropic activities. He had realized that "Happiness can only be found by helping others find it”. And that is the moral of this story. While struggling for his life during that short period of time, Mr. Roy had discovered the Art of Living.


Sanskriti Chandel City Montessori School Aliganj 1