The Life of Death


By Adittya Dewan , Class 6, Techno India Group Public School/ CBSE, Kolkata

Once there was a unknown creature who want to make friends but he had a cursed when it touch anyone that thing or creature suddenly died. He was sad and walking alone in the deep forest everyone have a friend but he doesn't. Tomorrow when he wake up he saw a deer. The deer was in a pack of 7 dears and she has 2 baby Cubs the unknown creature don't want to kill her so he tried to do not get close to her. That mama dear was so happy and he take that creature with them and suddenly hunters come with weapons and tried to kill every animal located there but that strange creature tried to save her but he mistakenly touched her.

She was close to death and all the other dear died except of the baby's. Before her death she told that thing to protect her baby's and she died. He run with the baby's and got away safely. When the baby's grown up then he take all of them and and found a group of dear and he told all the dear to live with the group and he suddenly ran away later he think that he need no friends it will be gone from this world forever. And then no one seen this creature ever.


Adittya Dewan Techno India Group Public School/ CBSE