Welcome to the Future


By Sudiksha Chakraborty, Class 8, Sushila Birla Girls' School, Moira Street, Kolkata

I had a normal day at school. I was coming back home, trudging along the sidewalk absentmindedly, when I noticed something strange. There was an eerie silence and the whole block seemed to be deserted. This caught my attention and I started hurrying towards my house. I called out to my mother on entering the house but no one answered me back. The whole house was empty. I began to feel uncomfortable and goose bumps started creeping up my arms. I dashed into my room and saw a weird looking coin on my study table. Feeling curious, I picked it up and suddenly found myself in a grassy clearing with huge skyscrapers in the distance. I was momentarily bewildered. Yelling out loud, I threw the coin away and immediately found myself back in my room. I was trying to process what happened but my brain refused to work. I nervously inched towards the coin on the floor. My fingers were itching to touch it but my hands kept lingering over it as I second doubted myself. However, anxiousness overcame caution and this time I found myself among those skyscrapers. Being unsure of myself, I looked up and the sight in front of me left me speechless.

I was surrounded by huge buildings all around me and a water body a few feet from me. Everywhere, I could see, people were using complicated machines for various activities. I was in the future! My joy knew no bounds. My face lit up and I was about run towards the lake, when all of a sudden a jet pack whizzed past my ears and fell on the ground with a loud thud. I moved closer to the boy who just fell from the jet pack but he did not react on seeing me. I turned around and shouted out loud but no on even glanced at me for a second. I realised that no one could sense my presence. A few more boys landed at a distance and started walking briskly towards a gigantic building which looked like a school. With a broad smile on my face, I sprinted behind them at full speed. I was astounded by what I saw. The whole building was made of glass, human sized robots dressed as teachers were roaming about the school and students were using virtual headsets to learn their lessons. Stepping outside, I felt something move swiftly above my head. Looking up, I saw numerous trains carrying passengers, floating in air.

People across the entire landscape were using artificial intelligence to carry out their chores and I was amused by the happenings all over the place. In contrast to the future we all imagine to be a one way ticket to dystopia, the place was bustling with lively people and greenery present all over the picturesque vista. I was enjoying myself to the fullest when all of a sudden I heard an ear splitting noise coming from somewhere. I tripped over a bump on the road and found myself falling into a pit which seemed to be never ending. Unable to contain my fear, I started shrieking out loudly. I jolted back up on my bed, wide eyed and looked around my room frantically. I smacked my blaring alarm clock on my table. It finally dawned on me that I had just woken up from my dream that had transported me to the future. I smiled as I recalled the utopia I had just dreamed about. With human beings slowly leading the world to near destruction, such a place is hard to imagine, but if a few small steps are taken to elevate the condition of the world, maybe the place of my dreams would actually become true one day.


Sudiksha Chakraborty Sushila Birla Girls' School, Moira Street