A Pen and a Dream


By Srishti Dutta, Class 8, Techno India Group Public School, Garia, Kolkata

A pen and a dream
Can take you anywhere; 
Up the great sky, 
With a beautiful career.
It teaches you best with a great profession, 
Just love your dream, 
And you will be loved by everyone. 
Think your goal and make it true, 
That's will be your life special to you. 
Need to be best and need to be great 
Then use your pen to write about the next.
Try to love and try to think; 
That's a life with rise and sink. 
Try to think good and bad, 
Good is the way of happy and sad. 
Make yourself best; 
Think and help the rest, 
Whom you think is bad 
Just stay away from that. 
Make yourself great; 
As a bloom and rise of a flower; 
That is a life, 
Of light and power. 
Then use your pen; 
And write your future, 
Come it true 
With great and hard career.


Srishti Dutta Techno India Group Public School, Garia