Sweet Treats


By Lochan A.S, Class 7, KALS ,Gonikoppa , Kodagu

Cotton candies made of sugar, 
Cold drinks that trigger, 
Chocolates that melt in our mouth, 
Everyone loves them without a doubt. 
Ice creams are the best,
I love eating them on a fest. 
Cookies loaded with chocolate chips, 
Made with a lot of baking tips. 
Moist and soft are the cakes, 
Something I love to bake. 
A caramel filt lake,
That would always keep me awake.
With my mouth full of bubble gum,
I'd love a side dish as a chocolate bun. 
I'd love to have sweet treats forever, 
As I am ready to devour.


Lochan A.S KALS ,Gonikoppa