Storm in the Forest


By Anamika Susan Arjun , Class 5 , St. Thomas Central School, Trivandrum

Forest are made of trees and bushes, 
flowers and rocks and soil.
It was peaceful and quiet 
But then the storm came
They were wild and free 
A hundred ghosts in the trees 
Flowers singing wildly and bushes screaming
The wind whispers carelessly:
"You can't fly like me"
And then the gale comes 
Which is twice as strong 
And light bushes and flowers fly in the sky, 
Oh in the sky 
The trees say enviously: 
We want to fly, to fly! 
And wave their branches wildly 
A girl passing by whispers to herself:
'There is a storm in the forest '!


Anamika Susan Arjun St. Thomas Central School