My Cursed Morning


By Khanak Rana , Class 9, Navy Children School, Mumbai

I woke up in the morning, 
And saw a lot of people jogging, 
And when I decided to jog the "next day", 
The "next day" did not want to go my way.😞 
I woke up at 6:30, And was looking so ugly,
So I decided to comb my hair, 
I wouldn't had, if I had known it would be a despair.😥 
My hair started to SHATTER, 
So I decided to leave it in that matter, 
I made a plait,
Then I got tired and sat.😆
Then I decided to change into my jogging clothes, 
A violet skirt and a shirt of the colour rose,🌹 
But after wasting my time searching for them,
I decided to write a poem then.😊
And this is the poem written, 
About my morning's unsuccessful mission!!!!😤


Khanak Rana Navy Children School