By Himarsha Mulchandani, Class 6 , Delhi Public School, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai

The unnatural silence pressed upon me, 
As if the woods were buried in a deep sea. 
The eerie hoot of the owl, 
The sad wolf’s howl, 
The buzz of the insects, 
The adventurous effect, 
The calming breeze, 
The rustle of trees, 
All of it was gone, 
Vanishing in the break of dawn. 
Deeper and deeper I went, 
The hope squashed under the weight of despair.
But still I journeyed onwards. 
Unaware of my muscles crying in protest, 
Unaware of the numbness I possessed. 
Fighting my way through the trees, 
The thorns and stones bruising my knees. 
Bit by bit the blanket of darkness rose, 
Vanishing gloom made my determination grow.
Putting on my bravest face, 
Each step blooming with grace. 
The courage inside me renewed,
The lonely feelings diffused. 
I walked down the forest path, 
The light fuelled me up. 
And suddenly the aroma of food erupts
I knew my cottage was near, 
I knew I was no longer supressed by fear,
I broke into a run. 
Warmed by the rays of the sun.
There it was, waiting for me.
The sight of the cosy cottage filled me with glee, 
A thought struck me then. 
The lamp of hope was ready to burn inside my heart,
A flick of a matchstick would make it start. 
My decision would make a huge difference,
It would be tedious in aspirations’ absence. 
Foolishness it would be to leave hope behind, 
Without it I am a smoking ember- completely blind.
So, picking up its weight would be the right choice. 
Let me spread a message today-
Without hope we are distress’s prey,
Alongside hope there is always a way. 
So indeed, hope never dies, 
As long as the land meets the skies.


Himarsha Mulchandani Delhi Public School, Seawoods