A Dove on the Moon


By Aditi Kathuria, Class 4, Euro School, Airoli, Thane

Sonu and his brother Siju were playing in front of their home. It was late evening. The beautiful moon was up in the sky, smiling at them. The stars twinkled and twinkled. Excited by the sight, Sonu said, " Look Siju, the stars are winking! " Yes, Sonu, they look beautiful, "replied siju. Siju, I want to take some of the clouds and paint the moon with it, said Sonu."Oh, you want to make it fully white in colour, Sonu?" asked Siju. "No, I want to draw the picture of dove on the moon and paint it," said Sonu."A dove? Why do you want to paint a dove, Sonu?" asked Siju. "Well, our world is full of evil and enmity.

A dove will be the symbol of peace for the world, said sonu." That's a very nice idea. I too want to help you, Sonu, said Siju. Sonu thought for a while and then opened his hands up to the sky and shouted, "How can I reach the moon?" And shortly they saw two fairies flying down from the sky. They came down and danced in the air, around Sonu and Siju. "Come little boys, let's go to the moon, the fairies said. The fairies took the boys in their arms and went up and reached close to the moon. Siju grabbed some clouds little by little in his hands and gave them to Sonu. Sonu drew the picture of a dove on the moon and painted. The boys were happy to see the dove when they came down to Earth. They thanked the fairies and requested them to come again.


Aditi Kathuria Euro School, Airoli