Science and Religion Hand in Hand

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By Harsh Nain, Class 9, St Cecilia Public School , New Delhi

In the era of science and technology humans have achieved great success, great knowledge and of course entrepreneurial spirit. But the question arises that are humans satisfied with this, and the answer was really shocking that they are not. From which I could conclude that Knowledge, comfort and money can’t give self patience or satisfaction to humans. Instead looking deep inside humans itself can lead to calmness and satisfaction. Religion is not based on "Hindu , Muslim or Chritans” In fact it is all about the knowledge we have about ourself and our existence, it is the knowledge of studying human possibilities. While listening to fine talk of Swami Ranganathananda I could reflect that Science is not meant to study the facts which have already been written. In fact it is the subject of researching and investigation, this is not limited for science but for religion aswell or what we call science of religion.

A person is not born with ego and he or she never knows how to hate someone. They just know how to love everyone. Ego and jealousy is developed by the society they live in. Humans can’t know all this till the time they look deeply inside them .Human civilization started with only some of the famous people like vasco da gama by finding the sea routes but know we know most of the hight, depth and route of the whole earth and universe but we don’t know the "I’ inside us. We are humans not insects or mammals, we have got a talent to go beyond our limits which should not be wasted by limiting our self to the fact which we already know about ourself instead we explore the facts by having a deep thinking within ourself and study science and science of religion together. If Science and Religion go hand in hand there will be a great feeling of satisfaction in everyone and will always feel free to do something new.


Harsh Nain St Cecilia Public School